2.0m Extended Drawbar

The length of the drawbar has been geometrically designed & engineered to compliment the IRONMAN’s ground clearance to ensure correct entry & departure angles when traversing undulating terrain in your 4WD.

You might also notice from our “approach angle” pics that late model dual cab 4WD’s sometimes lack sufficient ground clearance to go where the IRONMAN can go!

The 2.0m extended drawbar improves ease of towing, particularly when reversing. It also allows ease of access to the rear of your vehicle whilst it is still hitched to the camper.

Mounted on the 150mm Duragal heavy duty draw bar, is the DO35 coupling, hand brake, breakaway with in car monitor. 8″ jockey wheel, dual heavy duty chains & conveniently placed external water tap.Also included is the large 2.0m storage box and stone shield.

Options include a 2.3m wide stone guard with rubber protector flaps or alternatively, a customized “Stone Stomper” guard for absolute protection of your vehicle & van.

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