About Simplicity Campers

Simplicity Campers, like most great ideas or concepts was borne of necessity. After decades of camping in all manner & forms, and enduring countless setbacks and frustrations, we set out to find a better way.

Simplicity Campers offer the best value for dollar available. How do we do that? We start by using only the very best of materials available, incorporate technology & engineer to exceed expectations. We are a combination of fully trained & qualified professionals from the automotive construction industry.

We only offer the IRONMAN as our intention is not to try & cater to the entire marketplace - We are here to cater to the true off road enthusiast who appreciates a durable, rugged product.  

Even the name Simplicity came about after numerous camp fire discussions around what camper's want most from their outdoor experience.

The answer was that getting away from it all & returning home had to be simple!

So we've used our background engineering, design & adaptation experience to ensure that the product we offer will optimise your valuable & limited time in the great outdoors, to ensure its as simple, enjoyable &  relaxing as can be possible.

With the IRONMAN, everything can be pre-packed in advance, at your leisure with no last minute rush. Even the boat, outboard, swags etc can be loaded onto the push button electrically operated cargo rack well in advance. Our Hybrid Extreme Offroad Camper is fully self sufficient "off grid" meaning that they are as comfortable & self supporting in the outback as they are in a caravan park.

Every aspect of our vans has been considered from the users point of view to maximise your camping experience & provide an element of luxury with the minimum of effort. With diesel hot air heating, gas hot water, solar electricity & optional air conditioning you'll never be more comfortable!

Simplicity Campers are 100% Australian manufactured in Tamworth NSW. We are not an importer nor a dealer. We simply build to order to your specific requirements such as wheel matching with your tow vehicle to ensure the best possible combination & weight distribution.

We offer a full DuraGal Structural Steel frame throughout the entire camper body & chassis, hence the name IRONMAN. Our full structural steel frame offers considerably greater peace of mind when navigating extreme conditions. As a build to order manufacturer, our business is built on our reputation so rest assured that you'll have none of the warranty horror stories so commonly seen on social media, we stand behind what we build!