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100% Australian Steel Chassis and Body Frame
AutoCad Designed
Cargo Rack
CNC Cut Components
Easy Tow
Manufacturers Warranty
Premium Quality Parts
Quality Assurance
2.0m Extended Drawbar
The length of the drawbar has been geometrically designed & engineered to compliment the IRONMAN’s ground clearance to ensure...
8" Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
The extended jockey wheel makes levelling the van more convenient in undulating situations.
Approach Angle
The approach angle is designed to ensure the camper can follow any track the vehicle can traverse.
AutoCad Designed
Our programs output CAD drawings which are uploaded to CNC machines to produce highly accurate panels, cabinetry & fabricated parts.
Breakaway System
The breakaway system is designed to bring your trailer to a stop in the event it separates from the tow vehicle.
Cargo Rack
Unique to the IRONMAN is a full steel 6m2 roof rack with a 250kg payload capacity. Yes, you can...
CNC Cut Components
All components are CNC cut to AutoCad created plans, ensuring our build quality meets our Quality Assurance Standards.
Departure Angle
30 Degree departure angle combined with the auto cad designed geometry, ensures a clean departure from difficult tracks.
DO-35 v3 Coupling
Rated to 3.5Tonne, built of forged steel, high quality polyurethane, laser cut stainless steel and precision casting.
DuraGal Chassis
All our campers are manufactured using 100% Australian made, structural grade, ISO 9001 Quality Assured DuraGal.
DuraGal Frame
The Duragal frame is fully reinforced & braced, built to minimise the impact of rollover & facilitate recovery operations.
Premium Quality Parts
Every component of the IRONMAN is selected based on quality.
Quality Assurance
At Simplicity Campers we have decades of experience in ISO Accreditation & associated processes.